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5 Stages of Financial Mindset

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Pickup a Copy of Our E-Book: 5 Stages of Financial Mindset

  • Defines the Different Mindsets Around Income, Wealth, Investments, Education and Charity for Each Stage.

  • Financial Planning Begins with Shifting Your Mindset.

  • Your Financial Statements Identify Your Stage! 

  • A Framework for Financial Success!

  • Learn the Financial Mindset Matrix!

  • Tips on How to Level Up!

  • E-Book Foreword written by Kendra Barnes author of ACRES.

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The terms poor, middle, upper class don't tell us very much.  They are very broad and arbitrary groupings used to define people based on various income categories.  The terms focus on categorizing people into income buckets that do not tell us how to progress from one class to another. 

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The 5 Stages of Financial Mindset looks to revamp, refresh and reframe these old terms into a more usable approach.  Each stage is defined by certain habits, traits and trends that form an overall frame of mindset. 


This information can then be used to inform and educate to determine where a person currently stands and help determine what actions to take and how to Level Up from one stage to another.  

Who's Mindset Are You Following?

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