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HUFF Real Estate Group is an American real estate company. 


HUFF Real Estate Group is a real estate sales company brokered by eXp Realty.  We work primarily with first time investors and seasoned investors that buy investment properties. Attention to detail, teamwork and commitment is derived from the owners' 25+ combined years of Service in the U.S. Air Force.  We use our experience in real estate investing to provide clients a comprehensive perspective on each transaction.


HUFF Real Estate Group is a real estate investment company.  We acquire and hold new construction low-density multifamily properties all over Texas.  These assets are held for cashflow and long-term wealth generation.  We periodically sell to trade up (via 1031 exchanges) for larger real estate opportunities for increased cashflow.  We are doing our part by providing new, clean and affordable places to live.  Low-density multi-family provides a good alternative to apartment living.


HUFF Real Estate Group offers real estate training and coaching.  We offer a variety of e-books on various subjects to include real estate, finances and self-improvement.  For coaching we offer 1-on-1 programs that provide a customized approach for the client.  We train to EDUCATE and coach to MOTIVATE!



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