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We enter adulthood with little to no practical understanding of how to master our finances.  Many of us try to repeat the financial moves we saw our parents or family members take growing up.  This though, is not the best practice as many adults were operating off of a very limited financial foundation. 


The Level Up course, based on our e-book: 5 Stages of Financial Mindset, will teach the basics to mastering your financial mindset so that your mindset and financial actions align leading you to financial success!  This course is geared for those:

  • Struggling Financially to Survive

  • Fresh out of College Starting a Working Career

  • Employers Looking to Enhance Employee Financial Wellness

  • Looking to Reset Their Financial Mindset

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Course Giveaways

Level Up Plan Giveaways.png

1. E-Book: 5 Stages of Financial Mindset
2. Level Up Planner
3. Action Plan

Delivery Methods/Pricing

1. Self-Paced "On-Demand"​/ TBD
2. Coaching "1-on-1" / TBD
3. Webinar "Classroom" / TBD


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